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Lenten season in symbols

The Church starts a new season in the Liturgical Calendar in preparation for the biggest feast Easter. This season is called Lent and it lasts for 40 days, this is followed by three special days called the Easter Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday). The Church then celebrates the season of Easter for 50 days until the feast of Pentecost (the day the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles).

During these special seasons we are going to go on a journey of faith. The first part is our Lenten journey, seven weeks to Easter Sunday and our encounter with Jesus. Then we will continue for another seven weeks, our Easter journey. Our destination is the feast of Pentecost, also known as the “birthday of the Church” and we will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. Our journey involves following signs and symbols which we see and hear about in Church and on our response and our actions regarding these signs, to help us we are going to make a “Symbol Tree.”

Advent resources for young people

We have recently collaborated with MCYN to come up with a resource pack to accompany young people aged 16+ throughout the four weeks of Advent. We encourage all leaders to make use of this resource which delves into the themes of hope, faith, joy and love through an exploration of 4 movies.

Seminars ta’ Formazzjoni 2022 – 2023

“Fanal għal riġlejja l-Kelma tiegħek, u dawl fil-mogħdija tieghi”  (Salm 119: 105)

Flimkien mal-PFI ser jiġu organizzati numru ta’ Seminars ta’ Formazzjoni dwar l-iskrittura bejn Ottubru 2022 u Mejju tal-2023. Dawn ser jinżammu fir-Refettorju tal-Kurja tal-Arċisqof, il-Furjana, bejn l-10:00AM u 12:00PM

is-Sibt 22 ta’ Ottubru 2022Il-Bibbja esperjenza ta’ fidi 
is-Sibt 19 ta’ Novembru 2022Il-Pentatewku
is-Sibt 21 ta’ Jannar 2023Il-Profeti
is-Sibt 25 ta’ Frar 2023l-Erba’ Evanġelji. Unità u Diversità
is-Sibt 29 ta’ April 2023Il-parabboli u l-mirakli 
is-Sibt 20 ta’ Mejju 2023Inħallu l-Kelma ta’ Alla tkellimna

Biex tapplika għal dawn is-Seminars nitlbuk iżżur il-website tal-PFI. Għal aktar informazzjoni jew biex tattendi seminars individwali, ikkuntattjana.